Project Description

Partners Healthcare is Massachusetts’ largest employer and oversees some of the most renowned hospitals in the country. The healthcare provider’s new 825,000 square foot headquarters features an employee campus meant to focus on community and sustainability. The LEED gold certified building boasts sustainable features which include landscape features that absorb rainwater, solar panels in the parking garage which will supply up to 30% of the campus’ power, and a rooftop deck with a garden retreat and cafeteria.

The company’s rooftop deck is lush with trees and foliage providing easy access to fresh air and outdoor dining. Supported by Bison ScrewJack Pedestals, the rooftop deck compliments comfortable lounge seating around a rooftop cafeteria. Bison custom made the 30x30 Smooth Ipê Wood Tiles, per OJB Landscape Architecture’s request, to match the dimensions of the fenestration adjacent to the deck, creating an attractive linear design. Bison now offers these beautiful 30x30 Smooth Ipê Wood Tiles as a standard surface option!