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Bison Deck Supports create adjustable deck support systems for rooftop decks, terraces, over cracked concrete and even in water features. These supports allow you to create unique deck designs with a variety of materials: wood tiles, natural stone, concrete pavers or wood planking over traditional wood stringers.
High Density polyproplene plastic. There is no water penetration, so they are resistant to freeze-thaw cycles and mold. The patented adjustable design allows precise deck leveling, even when pedestals are loaded.
Bison Deck Supports can create a beautiful deck in no time over compacted soil or cracked concrete or can sit directly over smooth or granular roof membranes without attachment.

Roughly one deck support for every 3-4 square feet of deck. Most concrete or wood tile decks will require about 1 pedestal per tile. For help with estimating, contact our technical services department.

One Bison bottom leveler (Bison LD4) corrects for 1/4″ per foot slope. Two stacked together adjust from 0-1/2″ per foot slope. You can use up to four under one pedestal to compensate for a maximum of 1″ in height.

To determine what Bison Pedestal would be suitable for your project, you first have to determine the surface material you plan to use. Each Bison Pedestal line offers different features including different height and weight capacities. Please contact our technical department for help in determining what pedestal line would be most appropriate for your project by contacting us here.

Stairs and ramps are often required in renovation projects to accommodate existing elevations, duct and mechanical work and other obstacles to create unique terrace designs. Stand-alone pedestal paver installations require perimeter containment at every change in elevation or step. Bison recommends that step design and handrail attachments be designed by an architect or engineer to provide adequate containment of lateral forces and to ensure safety and compliance with local codes. Download this detail for information on building steps with a pedestal system. Commonly used to change levels for wheel chair and cart access, ramps can also be supported by Bison pedestal. Like all pedestal installations, ramps are for pedestrian use only and should never be used for motorized traffic. 

Ipê, Cumaru and Massaranduba are species of hardwood coming from South America. They are exceptionally durable outdoor hardwood decking materials and proven to withstand the elements (think Atlantic City Boardwalks). They all have excellent resistance to mold, termites and decay and over time, all weather to a gray patina. They can be used in a variety of applications from hotel rooftop pool decks to boardwalks, shared condo terraces, outdoor dining spaces for restaurants and bars and more. While there are slight variations in their Janka rating and grain, the differences really comes down to initial color and aesthetics.

Please read our blog article showing how Bison Deck tiles weather over time here.

Determining your decking surface material is the first step in deciding what type of Bison pedestal you will need. Bison pedestals can handle a variety of decking materials. Bison Innovative Products Wood Tiles, made of ipe and cumaru, are available in 2’x2’, 2’x4’, semi-custom and custom sizes, have 6, 7, and 8 slat formats and can be arranged in various patterns and are suitable for outdoor use. Bison deck supports are also able to handle materials other than wood tiles including concrete tiles, natural stone, faux turf, porcelain tiles and more. The number of pedestals needed is roughly one for every 3-4 square feet of deck. Most concrete and wood decks will need one pedestal per tile but will depend on the complexity of the deck design. In addition to wood or concrete tiles and pedestals, there are additional accessories that may be needed. Depending on the size of the installation, couplers may have to be added to pedestals to increase pedestal height to their max capacity. Other accessories such as shims and base levelers, braces and fastening kits may be needed depending on slope and other installation factors. For help estimating tiles and pedestals and other accessories needed for installation please contact our technical services department at 800.333.4234.

In most areas, Bison products are sold through knowledgeable Distributors who can provide products and support in your specific area. Please fill out the Request Pricing form to find the distributor nearest you. Your geographic area will determine shipping costs and other factors so please fill out the contact form and we can let you know what pricing is available in your area.

To ensure product stability, wood used for Bison Wood Deck tiles is both air and kiln dried. Careful records are kept monitoring the kiln drying process. Bison Wood Deck Tiles contain 8-12% moisture content but may acclimate to individual installation locations causing moisture content to vary.

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