Project Description

The 9th floor setback of Symphony House was an under-used asset with a 25-year-old roof that needed to be replaced. It was transformed into a 12,000 square foot eco-friendly tenant amenity featuring attractive concrete pavers supported by Bison Versadjust Pedestals, increasing the property value. The rooftop deck includes planting areas with trees and shrubs, seating areas, and ambient lighting, creating valuable living and recreational space for residents and their guests.

By contouring the roof’s landscape and strategically planting tall grasses and river birch trees, unique areas were created for the residents to use to relax, entertain, and connect with the natural environment. One of the roof’s sustainable initiatives is to collect and store rainwater to support the plant life. The vegetation reduces the roof’s ambient temperature, maintaining a cooler temperature inside the building and reducing the building’s carbon footprint.

Architect: FXFOWLE

Completion Date: 2014