How to Build a Street Parklet Using Bison Products

  Summer is in full swing which means glorious sun-soaked time in spent outdoors. Parklets, small mini-parks typically along a roadside, are becoming a part of summer streets in many urban areas, giving people more space to enjoy the outdoors. Rather than sprawling, car-dominated concrete roads, these parklets or pop-up parks, usually 2 parking spaces [...]

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Portland Parklet Uses Crowdfunding to Build Vibrant Space

With the emergence of sites like Kickstarter, crowdfunding has made people with big ideas but little cash have loved ones, friends, neighbors or even complete strangers fund their passions to make a dream a reality. Portland State University recently used crowdfunding as a means to fund their South of Market Street Parklet, a project intended [...]

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Teak Shower Floor Supported by Bison Deck Supports

A bathroom renovation can be one of the best resale investments one can make in a home.  The designers of this New England master bath added dramatic materials and a sleek, modern design including warm, natural elements like a teak shower floor to make this bath a relaxing retreat. The spacious glass-enclosed shower brings a [...]

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Minneapolis Pop-Up Parks to Benefit Local Businesses

Through the end of October, residents of Minneapolis will have a new way to enjoy the outdoors. The city funded pop-up parks - small modular decking built as expansions of city sidewalks, in three pedestrian heavy commercial areas. The parksare meant to attract the community to sit, mingle and enjoy local businesses. The parks feature [...]

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