Project Description

In an attempt to create more open space at Pearl and Broad in New York’s Financial District, community businesses joined forces to create an  innovative, temporary mini-park. Built using the Bison Pop-Up Park system, this pop-up-park extends off the curbside over what were once four parking spaces. The Pop-Up Café is open to the general public but was financed by adjacent establishments: Fika coffee shop and Bombay’s restaurant to create a cost-effective way to help the businesses create curb appeal and provide much-needed seating along crowded sidewalks

The Bison Pop-Up Park system is all inclusive and includes everything needed to build decks on streets. Bison Wood Tiles are installed using the Versadjust Adjustable Pedestals that create a level and smooth decking surface over the uneven and sloping street below. Bison Custom Cubes™ are used for planters and are attached to the decking system providing a creative and landscaped border around the deck. Railings extend from planter to planter finishing off the border. The Bison Pop-Up Park system includes installation hardware, which is designed for simple dismantling for seasonal storage. The Bison Pop-Up-Park products make it easy to create an attractive, cost effective deck system.

Location: New York, NY USA
Completion Date: 2012