Project Description

The Smart Home: Green + Wired, an exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, demonstrates Architect Michelle Kaufmann’s imagination in the use of materials that minimize maintenance and the environmental footprint. This home of the future features greenroofs expanding usable space to include gardens and walkways that are eco-friendly, while allowing efficient drainage and maximum durability.

Bison Level.It Pedestals are accurately engineered for achieving level decking surfaces on rooftops and offers easy installation and maintenance. Grooved Bison Ipê Wood Tiles were used as the decking material and were easy installed due to their modular size. Level.It Pedestals use a unique bottom up leveling system that ensures our system is stable and drains efficiently while creating level decks over sloping surfaces. Bison Base levelers are easy to install and adjustable for precise, level surfaces.

Location: Chicago, IL USA
Project Size: 240 sq ft
Architect: Michelle Kaufmann