Project Description

While traditional co-housing projects focus on family, community and children the Portland, Maine co-housing units were designed for a retirement community, with owners desire to be with aging friends and family in multi-generational senior living units. Co-housing differs from standard condominium development and master-planned subdivisions because the development is designed by, or with considerable input from, its future residents. The design process invariably emphasizes consciously fostering social relationships among its residents. Common facilities are based on the actual needs of the residents, rather than on what a developer thinks will help sell units.

The complex, built for 6 couples, consists of a main structure with includes a caregiver if needed and a guesthouse for friends and family. The common space includes a living room, kitchen, laundry, library, art studio and exercise room. The 4,000 sq ft co-housing rooftop deck includes a shared garden and hot tub surrounded with Bison ipe wood tiles and pedestals above the common parking garage. The modular multi-family deck system easily converts the space into a contemporary, multi-use space that can be easily maintained. The aim of the 15-acre site is achieving a net-zero energy consumption. Solar panels, a green roof option and wood pellet boiler all contribute to the complex’s eco-goals. The tight-knit housing arrangement allows everyone involved to live in a flexible, shared community in comfort and style.

Location: Portland, ME USA