Project Description

City officials and business owners in St. Paul, Minnesota discussed a collaborative effort to address a lack of outdoor seating in the cities popular 6th Street district. Looking to duplicate efforts in San Francisco and New York,  Bison Innovative Products “Pop-Up Park” was the perfect solution for the lack of public space caused by cramped sidewalks. The removable sidewalk seating is easy to install and can be used in the summer and stored in the winter. Installed in the parking meter spaces in front of the businesses, the units are made of Bison Ipê hardwood and act as an extension of the business.

Businesses that have integrated this seating plan have seen a 15 to 20 percent increase in sales. The owner of the business stated she felt a real need for additional outdoor seating to stimulate business and to enhance the experience of her guests in the summer. This unique solution benefits business owners and no permanent changes have to be made – the “parks” can simply be moved to another location or stored if needed.

Location: St. Paul, MN USA
Completion Date: 2012