Bison Innovative Products deck tiles are manufactured to be used in a variety of outdoor applications from roof decks to patios, green roofs and terraces. Bison’s modular outdoor deck system assembles easily to create a beautiful, long-lasting deck. Constructed from durable Ipê and Cumaru, Bison wood tiles vary in length from 24″ to 48″ or custom sizes and offer design flexibility and easy installation. The renewable hardwoods make Ipe and Cumaru one of the best choices for outdoor decking and create beautiful outdoor living areas A deck should be designed for function and aesthetics. Bison wood tiles can be arranged to produce diverse deck designs.

  • For greater visual impact, Bison wood tiles can be arranged in a basketweave or parquet pattern. A basketweave pattern deck creates more visual interest and accentuates the dense grain of the ipê wood. The longer wood tiles (24”x48” or semi-custom) would require extra design considerations but create a more striking, custom deck pattern.
  • Bison wood tiles can also be arranged together to create a continuous surface for sleek, modern looking deck surface. This type of deck pattern would accentuate an urban green roof or contemporary space with modern features.
  • Other design options could include a diagonal pattern for a classic look or a mix of patterns with multiple surfaces including concrete pavers, natural stone tiles and more. Bison Innovative Products wood tiles are made to  be installed quickly and are versatile to be adjusted into any outdoor deck project.For more information on Bison Innovative Products wood tiles please contact