With condo units in urban high-rise buildings in short supply, a new luxury high-rise building has risen in Nashville, TN. The building, located on Laurel Street is only minutes from shopping, famous live music venues and fine dining.  The 288 unit building will be a welcome space for those looking for the excitement of urban Nashville.

Crowning the multi-family building is a 5024 sq ft rooftop deck. The rooftop features a green roof complete with firepits, spacious benches, pergola with outdoor fans and a lap pool. Spectacular views of the Nashville skyline offers a one-of-a-kind experience for would-be residents.

With over 260 sq ft of Bison Wood deck tiles, the hardwood deck complements the green roof’s lush looking grasses and trellised vines. Bison Versadjust Deck Supports were used to support both the wood deck tiles and the stone pavers, ensuring the leisure area remains level without damaging the underlying roof. Easily installed, the deck supports ensured that this rooftop deck was installed quickly, meeting the strict deadlines needed to make condos available to the public. For more information on rooftop environements like the Laurel Street apartments please contact Bison or read about other rooftop environments.