Summer is in full swing which means glorious sun-soaked time in spent outdoors. Parklets, small mini-parks typically along a roadside, are becoming a part of summer streets in many urban areas, giving people more space to enjoy the outdoors. Rather than sprawling, car-dominated concrete roads, these parklets or pop-up parks, usually 2 parking spaces long, change city streets to a more pedestrian-friendly street culture. Reclaiming car-designated zones is a low-cost way to create recreation space for communities to add an aesthetic appeal to their city streets.

Exercise equipment, bike racks, planters with vegetable gardens and flowers all contribute to a positive community centered activities. Parklets encourage people to linger, converse and stay in areas to shop.

Using Bison Innovative Products, creating a modular parklet is simple. With Bison’s floating deck system, the adjustable deck pedestals sit on the street surface, compensating for height and slope. Bison wood deck tiles are placed on top of the pedestals, creating an even surface and Bison Aluminum Cubes can be added to the space to create lush planters that define the space.*

Bison has a Parklet Design Guide to aid in the design of street parklets. Download the guide here or contact us for more information on how to build a street parklet at 800.333.4234

Download Parklet Guide

*Railings and Perimeter containment is required. Consult Bison specifications and local building codes for more information and specific requirements in your city.