The $560 Million dollar expansion of the south tower at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County transformed the hospital from a regional pediatric care facility to a national leader in children’s hospitals. The state of the art-facility includes private patient rooms with over 450 safety enhancements designed to reduce hospital error and patient stress.

Designed by award-winning Architect Gary Owens, a leader in medical campus architecture and planning nationwide, the design of the building included green building practices creating a vibrant, functional space. Bison Innovative products were used to enhance two of the hospitals outdoor spaces.

Bison Innovative Products wood tiles and Versadjust Deck Supports were used on the hospital rooftop deck area, located outside the pre‐teen and teen rooms and features 3,000 square feet of landscaping, outdoor benches and a bear sculpture, in honor of the hospital’s mascot, Choco. Designed to look like a beach boardwalk, the play area also doubles as a rehab area where children can come to do their physical therapy. Bison’s durable wood tiles are not only a durable option for the play area but also create and an attractive, warm outdoor space blending seamlessly with the rest of the ultra-modern hospital.

Bison Innovative Products 2×2 and 2×4 wood tiles and Versadjust deck supports were also used in the outdoor patio and public garden area. With more the 7000 square feet of space, this outdoor public garden includes seating for dining and other features to promote a serene environment where patients and their families can enjoy some respite and fresh air.

Located on the perimeter of the garden is the Garden of Messages wall, where patients, families and friends can sponsor a special message of their choice on a butterfly, dragonfly, frog or ladybug creating a unique mosaic of color around the wire mesh fence. To see other Bison products in use please visit our project gallery or Contact Bison.