Construction on St. Louis’ first rooftop farm is getting under way in the spring of 2015 thanks to the help of crowdfunding


Urban Harvest, a group dedicated to enriching the lives of the urban St. Louis community through farming and education, will be using the space to demonstrate urban approaches to agriculture. Their mission is to create a productive, green space and inspire urban residents to grow their own food. The crowdfunding platform uses funding donated from St. Louis region residents to help shape the future of their community.

Growing healthy, organic food in the rooftop space using chicken coops, vertical farming techniques help local citizens connect to their food and collaborate around food and gardening. The outdoor classroom will be a gathering space for local events as well as an education venue to raise awareness about urban farming.

Bison Innovative Products was proud to donate all the wood deck tiles and adjustable deck supports needed to create an inviting walkway between the rooftop farm garden beds and entertainment areas to help make the rooftop farm an attractive, modern space. The 10,000 sq ft rooftop will not only serve the community but also has positive environmental impacts, reducing carbon emissions from transportation, improving air quality and reducing the urban heat island effect.

Bison Innovative Products wood deck tiles and adjustable deck supports have been used all over the world in rooftop deck environments. For more information about Bison Innovative Products in rooftop farm deck applications please download this project profile below or contact us at or 800-333-4234.

Download Rooftop Farm Project Profile