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12″ Spline for Paver Trays | FS-12

Model: FS-12
FS-12 Spline, available exclusively from Bison, secures Bison Paver Trays to Bison Pedestals. Slide FS-12 splines into Bison Paver Tray channel over Bison Pedestals. Screw splines into top of Bison Pedestal and remove posts with pliers.
Note: FS-12 is sold only with the purchase of Bison Paver Trays.

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Product Information




3/16" (4.5 mm)


0.13 lbs (60 g)


Contains one long screw, one short screw, and one spline
Long screw for use with adjustable pedestals
Short screw for use with HD50 and HD75 fixed height pedestals


Paver Tray Cut Sheet

Paver Tray Installation Details

Paver Tray Specifications

Paver Tray Specifications

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