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Bison Paver Trays

  • Model: PT-TRAY-2424 / PT-TRAY-3618 / PT-TRAY-4812 / PT-TRAY-4824 Ideal for use with Bison Pedestals, the Bison Paver Tray offers a thin and lightweight paver backing to enhance the impact resistance of pavers when used in pedestal applications. Bison Paver Trays meet testing for non-combustible surface material, are made of weather resistant galvanized metal, and are recommended for use on Bison Pedestals over 0.75" and up to 36" in height. See Product Information below for dimension and weight options. Note: Confirm your paver sizes in metric units prior to purchasing Paver Trays.
  • Model: FS-3 Paver Tray Fastening Kit, available exclusively from Bison, secures Bison Paver Trays to Bison Pedestals without penetrating or damaging the Paver Tray or selected paver. Long screw for use with Bison Adjustable Pedestals; short screw for use with Bison Fixed Height Pedestals. Note: FS-3 is sold only with the purchase of Bison Paver Trays.