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Bison Paver Trays

  • Model: PT-TRAY-2424 / PT-TRAY-3618 / PT-TRAY-4812 / PT-TRAY-4824 Ideal for use with Bison Pedestals, the Bison Paver Tray offers a simple and lightweight paver backing to enhance the impact resistance of pavers when used in pedestal applications. Bison Paver Trays meet testing for non-combustible surface material, are made of weather resistant galvanized steel, and are recommended for use on Bison Pedestals 1/8" to 36" in height. See Product Information below for dimension and weight options. Note: Confirm your paver sizes in metric units prior to purchasing Paver Trays.
  • Model: FS-12 FS-12 Spline, available exclusively from Bison, secures Bison Paver Trays to Bison Pedestals. Slide FS-12 splines into Bison Paver Tray channel over Bison Pedestals. Screw splines into top of Bison Pedestal and remove posts with pliers. Note: FS-12 is sold only with the purchase of Bison Paver Trays.