Project Description

Symphony House 9th floor setback was an underused asset with a 25-year-old roof that needed to be replaced. Recently transformed into a 12,000 sq ft eco-friendly tenant amenity featuring attractive pavers supported by Bison Pedals, planting areas, trees, scrubs, seating areas and lighting. In addition to providing an exciting new outdoor amenity for its residents, the recently completed “green roof” at Symphony House provides a number of ecological benefits, including storm water retention, heat insulation and the ingredients for a more balanced ecosystem.

By contouring the roof’s landscape and strategically planting tall grasses and river birch trees, we were able to create special areas for residents to use to relax, entertain and connect with the natural environment. One of the roof’s sustainable initiatives is that it collects and stores rainwater to support the plant life, which in turn reduces the roof’s ambient temperature, making the space cooler throughout the summer. Jack Resnick & Sons, an industry leader in development, construction, ownership and management, plans similar refurbishments with its many properties based on the success of this project.

Location: New York, NY USA
Project Size: 13,000 sq ft
Completion Date: 2014
Architect: FXFOWLE